Plant Parts as Food

Plant Parts as Food | Class 6 | Notes

Question 1 Name any five plant parts which are eaten as food?

Question 2 Name 2 plants roots which are eaten as food?

Question 3 Name 2 plants whose stems are used as food?

Question 4 Name 2 plants whose leaves are eaten as food?

Question 5 Name 2 plants whose flowers are eaten as food?

Question 6 Name 2 fruits which are used as food?

Question 7 What is sprouting?

Question 8 Name any two types of seeds which are used for making sprouts in our homes?

Question 9 Describe the process of making sprouts from moong?

Question 10 Define the word cereals?

Question 11 What are oilseeds?

The main sources of food from plants are food grains (wheat, rice ,maize) , pulses ,fruits ,vegetables, oils, sugar ,spices ,tea ,coffee.

Grains used for food are called food grains or cereals.

Plant parts as food

The various parts of plants which are used as food material by us are: Roots ,stems ,leaves ,flowers ,fruits ,seeds.

1 Plant roots as food

We eat the roots of some plants as food.

For example: carrot, radish, beetroot ,sweet potato, turnip.

2 Plant stem as food

Some plants store food in their stems (modified or underground).We eat the stems of such plants as food.

For example:  onion ,potato, ginger, garlic ,turmeric.

3 Plant leaves as food

The leafy vegetables are the leaves of the plants.

For example: spinach, cabbage ,lettuce ,leaves of mustard plant.

4 Flowers as food

The flowers of some of the plants are eaten as food.

For example: flowers of banana plant ,pumpkin plant, sunflower, Jasmine.

5 Fruits as food

There are some plants which store food in their fruits.

We eat the fruits of such plants as food.

For example: apple, orange, mango, pears, banana, plum, grapes ,guava.

6 Seeds as food

Some of the plants store food in their seeds. We eat the seeds of these plants as food.

For eg: wheat, rice Maize, millet ,Peas ,pulses ,mustard ,groundnut ,soyabean.

Groundnut and mustard  seeds are called oilseeds because they are used to extract edible oils which are used for cooking food.

Mustard plant have two edible parts

1) Leaves are used as leafy vegetable

2) Seeds of mustard plant are used to extract mustard oil.

The fruit of banana plant are used as food and the flowers of the banana plant are also used as food in the form of vegetables.


When the seeds begin to grow by developing tiny roots, they are called sprouts.

The sprouts contain more of Vitamin A, B ,C which makes them a more nutritious food.

The method of making sprouts from seeds is called sprouting.

The seeds of moong, chana,moth are usually converted into sprouts in our homes.

1) Some dry seeds of Moong/ moth /chana.

2) Put a small quantity of seeds in a container filled with water and leave this aside for a day.

3)Next day, drain the water completely and leave the seeds in the vessel.

4) Wrap them with a piece of cloth and set aside.

5) A white structure may have grown out of the seed. This is called sprout.


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