Animal Product as Food

Animal Product as Food |Class 6 | Notes

Question 1 Name any four food products prepared from milk?

Question 2 Name five food material which come from animals?

Question 3 Name the food item provided by honey bee?

Question 4 How do honeybees make honey?

Question 5 what is a hive?

Animal products which are used as food are eggs, chicken, mutton, fish, honey, milk etc. 

Milk is used for drinking purpose, converted into other useful products such as curd ,butter , ghee, cheese. Fish gives us cod liver oil which is rich in vitamin A.

Honey is produced by honey bees. Bees collect nectar (sugary liquid) from the flowers and convert it into honey. The  bees store this honey in the structure called hive.

The hives containing honey are called honeycombs. Honey is collected from such honeycombs.

Human being eats plant food as well as animal food.

The animals eat only a few type of food:

1 Buffalo and cow : grass ,grains, hay, oil cakes

2 Goats: grass, leaves of plant , grains

3 Dogs : plant food (chapatti ,bread ) ,animal food (meat ),drinks milk

4 Cat : rat ,drinks milk ,birds

5 Rat : grains ,paper cloth

6 lion or tiger: flesh of forest animals

7 Bear : small forest animals, fruits

8 Rabbit :carrot, grass, leaves of plants

9 Vultures: flesh of dead animals

10 Crow : grains, insects

11 Frogs : insects, worm

12 Sparrow : grains, small insects

13 Pigeon: grains

14 lizard: insects

15 Fish :small aquatic plants and animals


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