Green house effect

By | July 21, 2016

Question 1 What is green house effect?

Question 2 Name green house gases?

Question 3 What is global warming?

Question 4 What are the effects of global warming?

Green House Effect
A building mostly made of glass for growing or sheltering the delicate plant is called greenhouse.

The glass of wall of greenhouse allow sun rays to pass into the interior right upto earth surface.However the reflected back infra red rays are not allowed to escape by glass walls as well as carbon dioxide and water vapours are added in the air,inside the glass house.This makes green house warmer then outside air.

The atmosphere cover around the earth act like a glass wall of green house.It allows solar radiation to pass through it to strike the earth surface.However it prevent the long wave infra-red radiation(which is reflected back from earth)to escape into the space.
Gases such as carbon dioxide,methane,ozone,CFCs. are called green house gases.
Carbon dioxide is the most important green house gas.

Human beings are adding large amount of carbon dioxide and methane to atmosphere.
These CHG trap the heat(infra-red radiation)reflected by the earth.this heats up the atmosphere(lead to an increase in earth’s temperature).This phenomenon is called Global warming.

Effect of Global warming

1)Increase in temperature can lead to melting of polar ice caps and ultimately rise in sea level for submerging a number of major cities in the world which are located along sea coast.
2)Increase in temperature will result in changes in weather and precipitation pattern on earth.

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