By | July 18, 2016

Question 1 What is diffusion ?

Question 2 Give few examples of diffusion ?

Question 3 Explain why, when a bottle of perfume is opened in a room, we can smell it even from a considerable distance ?

Question 4 Name the process by which a drop of ink spreads in a beaker of water ?

Question 5 Out of solid ,liquid and gases which has highest rate of diffusion ?


The spreading out and mixing of a substance with another substance due to motion of its particles is called diffusion.

The diffusion of one substance into another substance goes on until a uniform mixture is formed.

Diffusion is the property of matter which is based on the motion of its particles.It is fastest in gases and slowest in solids.

The rate of diffusion increases on increasing the temperature of the diffusing substance.This is because when the temperature of a substance is increased by heating, its particles gain kinetic energy and move rapidly.And this increases in the speed of the particles of a substance increases the rate of diffusion.

For Ex:1)The smell of food being cooked in the kitchen reaches us even from a considerable distance due to diffusion.

2)The fragrance of burning incense stick spreads all around due to diffusion.

3)The smell of perfume perfume spreads due to diffusion of perfume vapours.

4)The spreading of purple colour of potassium permanganate into water, on its own ,is due to the diffusion of potassium permanganate particles in water.

5)The spreading of blue colour of copper sulphate into water, on its own, is due to diffusion of copper sulphate particles into water.

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