Diversity in living organism

Question 1 What is classification?
Question 2 Define the term taxonomy?
Question 3 What is the importance of classification?
Question 4 Define the term genus?
Question 5 Define the term species?
Question 6 Enlist kingdoms of hierarchy of classification?
Diversity in living organism
The method of arranging organism into groups or sets on the basis of similarities and differences is called classification.
The branch of science that deal with classification is called taxonomy.
Importance of classification
1)It makes the study of wide variety of organism easy.
2)It helps to understand the interrelation among different groups of organism.
3)It forms the base for development of other biological sciences.
Artificial System of classification
Aristotle classified living organism according to whether they lived on land,air or water.
All living things are classified on the basis of their body design in form and function.
Most living things that we see today have arisen by an accumulation of changes in its body design that allow the organism possessing them to survive better.
Charles darwin first described evolution in his book”The Origin Of Species” in 1839.
Some group of organism whose ancient body design have not changed very much are called Primitive or lower organism.
There are other group of organism that have evolved their particular design relatively recently are called as Advanced or Higher organism.
Hierarchy Of classification
Ernst Haeckel,Robert Whittaker,Carl Woese classify all living organism into Kingdoms.
1)Kingdom Monera(Prokaryotic bacteria,blue green algae)
2)Kingdom Protista(unicellular eukaryotic organism-protozoa,fungi,algae)
3)Kingdom Fungi(Multinucleate fungi)
4)Kingdom Plantae(green plants,advanced algae)
5)Kingdom Animalia(animals)
These groups are formed on the basis of cell structure,mode and source of nutrition,body organisation.
Further classification is done by naming the sub-group at various levels:
Kingdom<——Phylum or division<—–Class<—–Order<——Family<—–Genus<——-Species
Genus is group of species which are related and have less characters in common.
Species are group of individual with similar structure and function able to breed among themselves and produce fertile offspring.

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