Reproduction in animals

By | October 25, 2016

Question 1 Which life process ensures that a plant or animal species will not disappear from the earth?

Question 2 Define the term reproduction?

Question 3 What are young ones.Give example?


The production of new organism from the existing organism of the same species is known as reproduction.

Reproduction is the creation of new living things.It is essential for the survival of species on this earth. So,  living organism produce more organism of their kind to maintain the life of their species on this earth.

Human being reproduce by giving birth to babies.These babies grow and ultimately become adults. So, when the old parents die, their sons and daughters keep living on this earth.These sons and daughters also reproduce by giving birth to more babies, and this process goes on and on.Thus reproduction by human beings ensures that the human species will continue to exist on this earth for all the time to come.

Cats reproduce by giving birth to kittens.

Dogs reproduce by giving birth to puppies.

Reproduction gives rise to more organism with the same basic characteristics as their parents.Human being always produce human babies, cats always produce kittens, hens always produce chicks.

The newly born animals is called young one.

The young ones of human is called baby.

The young ones of cat is called kittens.

The young ones of dog is called puppy.

The young ones of cow is called calf.

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