Question 1 Name the endocrine gland attached to brain?

Question 2 Name the endocrine gland which secretes the growth hormone?

Question 3 Name the substance which is needed continously by thyroid gland to make thyroxine hormone?

Question 4 State the main symptom of goitre?

Question 5 Name the hormone whose deficiency in body causes goitre?

Question 6 Name the gland which secretes insulin hormone?

Question 7 Name the disease caused by insufficient production of insulin hormone by pancreas?

Question 8 Name the hormone which prepares our body for action to face emergency?

Question 9 Name the endocrine gland which secretes hormone that maintains correct salt balance in the blood?

Question 10 Name the hormones secreted by adrenals?

Question 11 Name the hormone whose deficiency diabetes?

Question 12 State the function of pituitary gland?

Question 13 State the function of thyroid gland?

Question 14 State the function of pancreas?

Question 15 State the function of adrenal gland?

Question 16 Name the hormone secreted by pituitary gland?

Question 17 Why people are advised to use iodised salt in cooking food?

Question 18 Name few endocrine glands in the human body?

Question 19 Where are adrenal glands located in the body?


Testosterone hormone is secreted by endocrine gland called testes where as estrogen hormone secreted by endocrine gland ovaries.

There are hormones other than sex hormones.

For Ex:Growth hormone, insulin, thyroxine, adrenaline.

Growth hormone is secreted by pituitary gland, thyroxine hormone is secreted by thyroid gland, insulin hormone secreted by pancreas where  as adrenaline hormone is secreted by adrenal gland.

Pituitary gland

1)It is an endocrine gland

2)It is attached to the base of the brain.

3)one of the hormone secreted by endocrine gland is the growth hormone

4)The growth hormone control the growth of human body. Proper amount of hormone is necessary for the normal growth of the body. A person having the deficiency of growth hormone in childhood remains very short. A person having too much growth hormone becomes very tall.

5)Pituitary gland is called master gland because many of the hormones which it secretes control the functioning of other endocrine glands in the body.

6)Pituitary gland secretes hormones that make other endocrine glands such as ovaries ,thyroid gland ,adrenal gland, thyroid gland.

Thyroid Gland

1)Thyroid gland is a large endocrine gland in the neck.

2)Thyroid gland is attached to windpipe in our body.

3)Thyroid hormone makes thyroxine hormone.

4)Thyroid gland secretes its hormone when it receives instructions from the pituitary gland through its hormones.

5)It controls the rate of body metabolism.

6)It needs a constant supply of Iodine in order to produce thyroxine hormone. Iodine is necessary for the making of thyroxine hormone, a deficiency of iodine in the diet can cause a deficiency of thyroxine hormone in the body.

The deficiency of thyroxine hormone causes a disease called Goitre.The main symptom of disease is that the neck of the person suffering from Goitre  appears to be swollen. If people do not have enough iodine in there diet they will get the disease caused by the lack of thyroxine hormone in the body. Iodised salt can provide all the iodine needed by the thyroid gland to make sufficient thyroxine hormone for our body.


1)Pancreas act as an endocrine Gland as well as exocrine gland.

2)Pancreas is just below the stomach in our body.

3)Pancreas secrete the hormone called insulin.The function of insulin hormone is to lower the blood sugar level.

4) Deficiency of insulin hormone in the body causes a disease known as diabetes.

This disease is characterised by large quantities of sugar in the blood. Insulin hormone controls the metabolism of sugar. If pancreas do not produce and secrete sufficient amount of insulin into blood, then the sugar level in the blood rises. The high sugar level in the blood can cause many harmful effects to the body of a person. The diabetic persons are advised by doctors to take less sugar in their diet. Common diabetes can be controlled by controlling diet, reducing weight ,regular exercise and taking medicine.The person having severe diabetes is  treated by giving injection of insulin.

Adrenal glands

1)Adrenal are endocrine glands.

2)There are two  Adrenal glands in our body which are located on the top of two Kidneys.

3)The adrenal gland produces adrenaline hormone.

4)The adrenaline hormone prepare our body to function at maximum efficiency during emergency situations Such as danger, Shock ,surprise, anger excitement, fear anger etc. when we are faced with a dangerous situation then the adrenal gland secrets more adrenaline hormone into our blood. This hormone speeds up the heartbeat ,increases breathing rate ,decreases blood pressure and causes liver to release more stored glucose into the blood.

All these actions of adrenaline hormone produces a lot of energy in our body very quickly.

It is the a adrenaline hormone which prepares our body to fight an enemy by providing a lot of energy in a very short time. The Rapid output of energy thus caused helps us to cope with this extreme situations.

5)The adrenal gland produce and secrete another hormone called aldosterone .This hormone maintains the correct salt balance in the blood. The adrenals secrete their hormones when they receive instructions from the pituitary gland through its hormones.

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