Recycling and Reforestation

By | October 14, 2016

Question 1 Name the various old products which can be recycled?

Question 2 How many full grown trees are needed to make 1 tonne of paper?

Question 3 State ways in which we can reuse paper?

Question 4 What can be done to retain our green wealth for future generation?

Question 5 What is meant by reforestation?

Question 6 What are the advantages of reforestation?

Question 7 What are the aims of Forest conservation act of India?

Question 8 Why should we reuse, save and recycle paper?

Question 9 Explain how, recycling of paper helps in the conservation of forest?

Question 10 What is Forest Conservation act of India?

Recycling of paper

Paper is made from wood pulp that is produced from the wood of forest trees.

17 full grown trees are needed to make 1 tonne of paper.Paper making is another cause of deforestation.We should save paper to save forest trees.

1)If each one of us saves just one sheet of paper in a day, we can save many trees in a year.

2)We can save paper by writing fully on both sides of every sheet of paper in our notebook.

3)we can also save paper by using chalk and slate for doing rough work.

The term recycling of paper means to process the waste paper so that it can be used again.paper can be recycled from old newspaper, magazines, notebooks, packaging material after removing ink from them.

We should save paper, reuse paper and recycle paper.By doing this we will not only save trees but also save energy and water needed for manufacturing paper.


The planting of trees in an area in which forests were destroyed is called reforestation.

The planted trees should generally be of same species which were cut down from the forest during deforestation.We should plant at least as many trees as have been cut down.

Forests are called green wealth of a country.Reforestation can also take place naturally.If the deforested area is left undisturbed for some time, it re-establishes itself by the growth of trees.This is called natural reforestation.

Advantages of Reforestation

1)It produces a large quantity of raw material for industry, timber ,trade etc.

2)It will lead to a decrease in global warming by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere.

3)It increases rainfall in a area.This will raise groundwater level and prevent droughts.

4)It prevents soil erosion and floods.

5)It increases the area of earth under forest which is good for the conservation of wildlife.

Forest conservation Act in India.It aimed at the preservation and conservation of natural forests and at same time meeting the basic needs of the people living in or near the forests.

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