Classification Of Objects

By | May 24, 2018

Question 1 Define the term object?

Question 2 Define the term material?

Question 3 Name the main groups into which all the objects around us can be classified?

Question 4  Name the groups into which all the living things are classified?

Question 5 Name the groups into which all the non-living things are classified?

Question 6 What is meant by classification of objects?

Question 7 Give few examples of material?

Question 8 State one difference between living and non-living objects?

Question 9 Give few examples of objects made of wood?

Question 10 Give few examples of objects made of metal?

Question 11 Give few examples of objects made of glass?

Question 12 Give few examples of objects made of plastic?

Question 13 What is the need of classification of objects?

A thing that can be seen and touched is called an object.

The matter of which an object is made is called materials.

We see a large number of objects around us. There are human beings ,animals, birds, insects, trees ,table, chair, books ,blackboard ,chalk, paper, cloth, water, cycle, football, toys ,utensil, sand etc.

Some of these objects are natural whereas other objects and man made or artificial.

All these objects are of different shapes ,sizes and colour. They also have different properties. In order to understand objects around us, it is necessary to classify them into groups.

If we go to a store in the market we will find that the various objects being sold in the shop are arranged in groups on the shelves. All kinds of soaps are placed together at one place and all type of biscuits are placed together at another place. Other objects like pulses ,spices ,dry fruits, chocolates ,toothbrush, toothpaste are all placed in their respective places in the shop.

The advantage of placing the various objects group-wise is that it becomes very easy to locate a particular object in the shop. We say that the shopkeeper has arranged the various objects in groups.

The sorting of objects into groups with each group having its own characteristic properties , is called classification of objects. All the objects having similar characteristics properties are placed in one group different groups.And the objects having different properties are placed in different groups.

All types of soaps having similar characteristics ,so all types of soaps are placed in one group at a shop. All type of biscuits have similar characteristics, so all type of biscuits have been placed together in one group. But the characteristics of soaps are different from those of biscuits ,therefore, soaps and biscuits have been place in different groups.

We classify the objects because it gives us the following advantages:

1 The classification of objects into groups make it easier to locate them and work with them.

2 If we know the properties of any one member of the group, we can get an idea of the properties of the other members of this group.

Basis of classification of object

The various objects can be classified or grouped as follows:

1 All the objects can be classified into two main groups : living objects and non-living objects.

2 Living objects can be classified further into two groups : plants and animals.

3 Non-living objects can be classified into many groups on the basis of their nature of material, use, appearance, shape, size, colour, hardness , texture etc.

The classification of objects into groups can be done only when the objects have some similarities and some dissimilarities.

Classification of object as Living and Non-Living 

All the living objects need food ,water and air for their survival where as non-living objects do not require these things.

For ex:

living objects :  Dog , rose, grasshopper ,cactus, tree, fish , hen etc.

Non-living objects:  Table, chair, toy ,clothes, pencil ,shoes ,blackboard ,wool ,nail ,feather.

Classification of living objects as plants and animals

All the plants can make their food by using carbon dioxide, water and sunlight whereas animals cannot make their food in this way.

For ex: 

Plants : rose, jasmine, hydrilla, cactus ,tree etc.

Animals:  Dog ,fish, cat ,earthworm ,grasshopper etc.

Classification of Non-living objects

Non-living objects can be classified on the basis of the material ( of which they are made), their uses, colour ,shape ,size appearance, hardness and texture.

We classify all objects into 4 groups on the basis of nature of material of which they are made: objects made of wood, objects made of metal ,objects made of glass, objects made of plastic.

Objects made of wood :  table ,chair ,bed ,door

Objects made of metals:  nails ,magnet, coin, utensils

Objects made of glass: funnel, mirror, beaker, test tube

Object made of plastic :toy, ruler, mug, Polythene bags ,boxes

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