Deficiency diseases

By | May 17, 2018

Question 1 Name the disease caused by deficiency of proteins as well as carbohydrate? what are the symptoms of this disease?

Question 2 Name the disease caused by deficiency of proteins in the diet of children?Give the symptoms of this disease?

Question 3 What are the causes and symptoms of disease beri-beri?

Question 4 The neck of a person appears to be swollen? Name the deficiency disease he is suffering from?What is the cause of this disease?

Question 5 Mention some effects of deficiency of calcium in the diet?

Question 6 Mention some effects of deficiency of iron in the diet?

Question 7 Mention some effects of deficiency of iodine in the diet?

Question 8 define the term deficiency diseases?

Question 9 Name the disease caused due to deficiency of Vitamin C?

Question 10 Name the nutrient whose deficiency causes Kwashiorkar disease in children?

Question 11 Name the nutrient whose deficiency causes  marasmus disease in children?

Question 12 What is the function of haemoglobin in body?

A disease which arises due to the lack of nutrients (carbohydrates, fats proteins, vitamins, minerals) in our diet over a long period of time is called a deficiency disease.

A person may be getting enough food to eat, but sometimes the food may not contain a particular nutrient. If this continues over a long period of time, the person may suffer from its deficiency.

Protein deficiency diseases

The deficiency of proteins in the diet of small children causes a disease known as Kwashiorkar.

It occurs in age group of 1 to 5 years.


1 The hairs of child colour and become red.

2 The skin of child cracks and become scaly.

3 The stomach of child becomes swollen and bulges out.

4 The child has stunted growth.

5 The child has reduced resistance to infection.

6 The child becomes weak.

Protein and carbohydrate deficiency

The deficiency of protein as well as carbohydrate in diet of very small children causes a disease known as marasmus.


1 The child becomes very lean and thin.

2 The child is reduced to just skin and bones.

3 The ribs of child looks very prominent.

4 The growth of child stops completely.

5 The child’s weight becomes very low.

Vitamin deficiency diseases

Vitamin A

The deficiency of Vitamin weakens our vision in dim light.

The inability of a person to see properly in dim light is called night blindness.

Severe deficiency of vitamin A over a long period of time can lead to total blindness.

Vitamin B1

The deficiency of Vitamin B1 in food causes a disease called as beri-beri.

The muscles of the person become very weak and he has very little energy to do work.

Vitamin C

The deficiency of Vitamin C in food causes a disease known as scurvy.


Bleeding of gums, loosening of teeth ,wounds do not heal easily.

Vitamin D

The deficiency of vitamin D in the diet of small children causes a disease known as rickets.


1 bowlegs or bent legs

2 poor teeth formation

3 Pigeon-type chest

Vitamin D helps in absorbing calcium minerals in the body which makes the bones strong.

When there is deficiency of vitamin D , then bones of child remains soft due to inadequate absorption of calcium from food. These soft bones break easily under the child’s on body weight .

Mineral deficiency diseases

Rickets , goitre, anaemia are mineral deficiency diseases.

Deficiency of calcium

The deficiency of calcium in diet of children causes a disease called rickets.


1 pigeon-type chest

2 bow legs

3 poor growth of teeth

Deficiency of iodine

The deficiency of iodine in diet of an adult cause a disease called goitre.

Goitre is the abnormal enlargement of thyroid gland situated in our neck.

This enlargement of the thyroid gland is caused by deficiency of iodine.

The goitre disease is more common in hilly areas because drinking water and food grown are poor in iodine.

Goitre does not occur in coastal  areas because coastal people eat a lot of  sea foods which contain good amount of iodine.

Deficiency of iron

The deficiency of iron in diet leads to disease called anaemia.


1 The person looks pale

2 feels very weak

3 tires easily

4 loses weight

Anaemia is a disease in which the level of hemoglobin ( function of hemoglobin is to carry oxygen in our body) in the blood is less than normal ,reducing the oxygen carrying capacity of blood.

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