Respiration in Plants

By | July 21, 2016

Question 1 What is diffusion?

Question 2 How does respiration take place in plants?

Question 3 How does exchange of gases occur in plants?

Respiration in Plants

Plants get energy by the process of respiration.All the parts of plant perform respiration individually.

The roots of a plant take oxygen required for respiration from the air present in between the soil particles by the process of diffusion.

Plants exchange gases through stomata and large inter-cellular spaces makes them to come in contact with air.

Carbon dioxide and oxygen are exchanged by the process of diffusion.

The direction of diffusion depend upon environmental conditions and requirement of plant.

At night since there is no photosynthesis so carbon dioxide elimination is the major exchange.

During day time carbon dioxide is used for photosynthesis and hence there is no release of carbon dioxide.

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