Life processes

By | August 12, 2016

Question 1 Define the term life process?

Question 2 Define respiration?

Question 3 Define nutrition?

Question 4 Define transport?

Question 5 Define excretion?

Question 6 Define the term reproduction?

Question 7 Define the term growth?

Life Processes

The basic function performed by living organism to maintain their life are called life processes.

The basic life processes are:

The process of acquiring oxygen from outside the body and to use it in the process of break down of food sources for cellular need is called respiration.


It is a process by which organism obtain and utilise the nutrients to perform biological activities.


It is a process in which the substance synthesised or absorbed in one part of body are carried to other part of body.


It is the process involved in removal of excess wastes from body.

5)Control and coordination

It is the process which helps the living organism to receive information from the surrounding and behave accordingly.


The permanent increase in size of the organism.

7)Movement and locomotion

In this process,the organism either move from one place to another or move its body parts while remaining at the same place.


The making of more organism from the existing ones.

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