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Question 1 What is puberty?

Question 2 Define the term adolescence?

Question 3 What common changes occur in girls during puberty?

Question 4 What common changes occur in boys during puberty?

The time between childhood and adulthood is called adolescence.
The age at which sex hormones(or gametes)begin to be produced and boy and girl become sexually mature is called puberty.
Boys=13-14 yrs
Girls=10-12 yrs
Male gonads called testes produce male gamete called sperm.Testes produce sex hormone called testosterone.
Female gonads called ovary produce eggs.Ovaries produce sex hormones called oestrogen,progesterone.

Common changes in boys and girls at puberty
1)Hair grow under armpits,in genital area between the thighs.
2)Thinner hair appear on arms and legs.
3)Skin become oily and develops pimples.

1)Breasts develop and enlarge.
2)Hips broadens
3)Extra fat is deposited in various parts of body like hip and thigh.
4)Fallopian tubes,vagina,uterus enlarges.
5)Feeling and sexual drives.

1)Hairs grow on chest,face(beard,moustache)
2)Body become muscular.
3)Voice deepens
4)Chest and shoulder broaden.
5)Penis and testis become large.
6)Testes produce sperm.
7)Feeling and sexual drives.

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