Male Reproductive system

By | July 21, 2016

Question 1 Explain the male reproductive system?

Question 2 Name the male sex hormone?

Question 3 What are testes?

Question 4 What is a scrotum?

Question 5 What is a semen?

Question 6 What are the male gonads in human being.Mention their function?

Question 7 Explain why scrotum remains outside the body of human males?

Male Reproductive system

Male reproductive system

It consist of Testis,scrotum,epididymis,Vas deferens or sperm duct,seminal vesicles,prostrate gland,penis.
1)Testes:They are oval shaped organs,lie in abdominal cavity.There are 2 testes in male,make male sex cell called sperm and male sex hormone called testosterone.
2)Scrotum:Testes lie in small muscular pouch outside the abdominal cavity because sperm formation requires a lower temperature than temperature inside body.
3)Epididymis:The sperms formed in testes come out and go into a coiled tube called epididymis.
4)Vas Deferens:From epididymis sperms are carried by a long tube which join another tube called urethra coming from bladder.
5)The glands seminal vesicles and prostrate gland add their secretion to sperms so that sperms become liquid.
Semen contain liquid and sperm.
6)Penis:It passes the sperm from man’s body into vagina of female’s body during mating.

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