Birth Control Method

Question 1 What are Sexually transmitted diseases?Give example?
Question 2 Give the full form of AIDS?
Question 3 Explain barrier method of birth control?
Question 4 Explain chemical method of birth control?
Question 5 Explain surgical method of birth control?
Birth Control Method
The diseases which are spread by sexual contact with an infected person are called sexually transmitted diseases(STD)
For Ex:Gonorrhoea,Syphilis(caused by bacteria)
AIDS(Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome)
The Prevention of pregnancy in woman is called contraception.
Any devices or chemical which prevent pregnancy in woman is called Contraceptive.
1)Barrier Method:The physical devices such as condom(male)and diaphragm(female-covering on vagina)are used.
They prevent the meeting of sperm and egg.

2)Chemical Method:The female uses 2 types of pills-oral and vagina.

Oral pills are made of specific hormones which prevent release of egg into oviduct.
Vaginal pills contain chemical which kill the sperm.
3)Intra-uterine contraceptive device(IUCD)or copper-T
The use of IUCD is placed inside the uterus.It prevents the implantation of fertilised egg in uterus.
4)Surgical method
In male a small portion of sperm duct is removed by operation and both the cut ends are tied property.This prevents sperm from coming out.(VESECTOMY)
In female a small portion of oviduct is removed.It prevent the egg from entering into oviducts.(TUBECTOMY)

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