Resistors are connected in parallel

Question 1 What is meant by parallel combination of resistors?

Question 2 You are provided with three resistors R1 , R2  and R3 .

Write the formula for the equivalent resistance R when there resistors are connected in parallel?

Question 3  Why parallel arrangement of resistors is used in domestic electric circuit?

Question 4 A wire of resistance 5 Ω is bent in the form of a closed circle.What is the effective resistance between the two points at the ends of any diameter of the circle?

Resistors are connected in parallel

Resistors are connected in parallel

I= I1+ I2+ I3

     V        V      V

I= —- + —-+ —-

     R1          R2     R3

         1        1      1

I= (—- + —- +—- ) * V

      R1      R2      R3

I           1        1      1

— =  (—- + —- +—- )

V          R1      R2      R3

When resistors are connected in parallel to each other,the potential difference across each resistor is equal to potential difference across parallel combination.
Total current through a parallel combination is equal to the sum of current through each resistor of combination.

A large amount of current flows through a conductor of low resistance.

If any one of electric devices are connected in parallel,the potential difference across each device is equal to applied difference and hence they draw the current as per their requirement and hence work properly.

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