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Pressure exerted by liquids

Question 1 How does the pressure of a liquid depends on its depth.Explain? Question 2 What conclusion do you get from the observation that a fountain of water is created at the leaking joint of pipes of the main water supply line? Question 3 Liquids exert pressure on the wall of contain.Explain? Question 4 Liquid exert pressure on… Read More »

Atmospheric pressure

Question 1 Define the term atmosphere? Question 2 What is atmospheric pressure? Question 3 What is the SI unit of atmospheric pressure? Question 4 What substance present in our body to balances the atmospheric pressure acting on us? Question 5 Where will be the atmospheric pressure be greater-at ground level or at the top of high mountain? Question… Read More »


Question 1 What is pressure? Question 2 Define the SI unit of pressure? Question 3 Why does a sharp knife cut objects more effectively than a blunt knife? Question 4 Why wooden sleepers are kept below the railway line? Question 5 Why a wide steel belt is provided over the wheels of an army tank? Question 6 Why… Read More »