Connective tissue

Question 1 Define connective tissue?

Question 2 Enumerate various cells of connective tissue?

Question 3 What are tendons?

Question 4 What are ligaments?

Question 5 What are cartilage?

Question 6 What are the functions of blood?

Question 7 What are the functions of areolar tissues?

Question 8 What is the function of adipose tissue?

Connective Tissue

They are specialised to connect various body parts.
For Ex:Bone to bone,Muscle to bone or tissue.
The main function is binding,supporting and packing together different organs of body.
The cells of connective tissue are living,separated from each other and are very less in number.Homogeneous gel like intercellular substance called matrix form the bulk of connective tissue.Cells are embedded in matrix.

a)Areolar:They are found between skin and muscles,around blood vessels,nerves,fill space inside organs.
1)It act as supporting and packing tissue between organs lying in body cavity.
2)it helps in repair of tissue after an injury.
3)It fixes skin to underlying muscles.
They are of 2 types:
1)Tendons:They are inelastic,cord like,strong structures that join muscle to bone.
They are made of white fibres.
2)Ligaments:They are highly elastic and has great strength but contain very little matrix.They connect bone to bone and are made of yellow and white fibres.

b)Adipose:They are basically an aggregation of fat cell.Each fat cell is rounded or oval and contain a large droplet of fat that almost fill it.
They are abundant below the skin,between internal organs,in yellow bone marrow.
it acts as an insulator(regulates body temperature,it forms shock absorbing cushion around kidney and eye ball.)

c)Skeletal tissue:They are of 2 types:

Bone:It is very strong,non-flexible tissue,porous,highly vascular,its matrix is made up of proteins,heavily coated with P,Ca and Mg salts.These minerals are responsible for hardness of the bone.
1)It forms endoskeleton of human being and other vertebrates.
2)It provide shape and support to body.
3)It protects vital body organs.
4)It serves as a storage site of Ca and Phosphate.

2)Cartilage:It is a flexible connecting tissue connecting joints between bones,ribs cage,ear,nose etc.It act like shock absorbent.


Blood:In this cell move in a fluid or liquid medium called plasma(55%).
The blood plasma does not contain protein fibres but contain blood cell or corpuscles.Plasma is a complex fluid which contains inorganic salts and organic compounds.
1)RBC:Red Blood Cells or erythrocytes
2)WBC:White Blood Cells or leucocytes
3)Platelets:They are non-living.

Blood occur in blood vessels(Arteries,Veins,Capillaries)

1)They transport nutrients,hormones,vitamins to tissue.
2)They transport excretory products tissue to liver and kidney.
3)RBC carry oxygen to tissue for oxidation of food.
4)WBC fight diseases.
5)Platelets disintegrate at the site of injury and helps in blood clotting.

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