Question 1 Write the characteristics of kingdom Mammalian?

Question 2 Give few examples of kingdom Mammalian?

1)They are warm blooded with 4 chambered heart.
2)They are mammary glands for the production of milk to nourish their young ones.
3)Their skin have hairs,sweat and oil glands.
4)Teeth are embedded in socket in the jaws and differentiated into incisors,canines,premolar,molar.
5)2 pairs of pentadactyl limbs are present.
6)A muscular diaphragm separates thoracic and abdominal cavity.
7)Respiration is by lungs only.
8)4 chambered heart.
9)They are viviparous
For Ex:Kangaroo,fox,rat,squirrel,cat,lion,dog,tiger etc.

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