Methods of reproduction

Question 1 What is the name of reproductive process which involve 2 parents?

Question 2 What is the name of reproductive process which involve 1 parents?

Question 3 Which type of reproduction involve gametes?

Question 4 Which type of reproduction do not involve gametes?

Question 5 Name animals which reproduce sexually?

Question 6 Name animals which reproduce asexually?

Question 7 What is a zygote?

Question 8 What is the other name of sex cells?

Question 9 What is the basic difference between asexual and sexual reproduction?

Question 10 What is asexual reproduction?

Question 11 What is sexual reproduction?

Methods of reproduction

There are two main methods of reproduction in living organism:

1)Asexual Reproduction

2)Sexual Reproduction

Certain organism contain reproductive cells called sex cell or gametes

Asexual Reproduction

The production of a new organism from a single parent without the involvement of sex cell is called asexual reproduction.It is called asexual reproduction because it does not use special cells called sex cells for producing a new organism.

In asexual reproduction only one parent is needed to produce a new organism.

Some of the example of asexual reproduction are binary fission in amoeba, budding in hydra.

The young one produced is an exact copy of the parent.

Sexual Reproduction

The production of a new organism from one parents by making use of their sex cells or gametes is called sexual reproduction.

The sex cell of one parent fuses with the sex cell of the other parent to form a new cell called zygote.This zygote then grows and develops to form new organism.

The two parents which are involved in sexual reproduction are called male and female.The male and female parents have special organs in them which produce male sex cells and female sex cells.

The humans, fish, frog ,cats, dogs all reproduce by the method of sexual reproduction.

The young ones produced are not an exact copy of the parents.

An animal having male sex cells called sperms in its body is called male.

An animal having female sex cells called eggs or ova in its body is called female.

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