Reproductive health

Question 1 Name a natural balanced diet for infants?

Question 2 What is the full form of AIDS?

Question 3 What is the full form of HIV?

Question 4 What will happen if personal hygiene is not maintained by adolescents?

Question 5 Whys is it necessary for adolescents to take bath regularly?

Question 6 State practices adopted by adolescents to maintain personal hygiene?

Question 7 Why is iron needed by our body?

Question 8 What are the various ways in which AIDS virus can be transmitted?

Question 9 How the use of drugs help in spreading AIDS disease?

Question 10 State the harmful effects of taking drugs?

Question 11 Name food items which provide carbohydrates for energy?

Question 12 Name food items which provide fats for energy?

Question 13 Name food items which provide mainly proteins for growth?

Question 14 Name food items which provide mainly vitamins and minerals for good health?

Question 15 Why vitamins and minerals are called protective foods?

Question 16 Why physical exercise is necessary for adolescents?

Reproductive Health

Reproductive health is defined as a state of physical, mental and social well- being of a person in all matters relating to the reproductive system at all stages of life.

The important conditions to maintain good reproductive health during adolescence are:

1)It is necessary to eat balanced diet during adolescence.

2)It is necessary to maintain personal hygiene during adolescence.

3)It is necessary to take adequate physical exercise during adolescence.

4)It is necessary to avoid taking any drugs during adolescence.

Nutritional need of adolescents

The dies which contains the correct amount of each constituents (such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals) sufficient for normal growth and development of the body, and keep a person healthy, is called a balanced diet.

Every human being , at any age, needs to have a balanced diet to keep the body healthy.

It is important to eat balanced diet during adolescence because a rapid growth and development of the body takes place during this period.A balanced diet helps the bones, muscles and other parts of the body to get adequate nourishment required for rapid growth.

1)The diet of adolescents should include food items made from cereals which provide carbohydrates for energy.

For Ex:Chapati, rice, poori, cooked rice, idli, biryani, sugar, jaggary etc.

2) The diet of adolescents should include fats which also give us energy.

For Ex:Butter, ghee, cooking oil, mustard oil, sunflower oil, vanaspati ghee, groundnuts etc.

3)The diet of adolescents should include food items containing proteins which are required for the growth of their body.

For Ex: Pulses, peas, beans, cheese, eggs, lean meat, fish, milk, groundnuts etc.

4)The diet of adolescents should include fruits and vegetables which provide many vitamins and minerals necessary for keeping good health: They are called protective food because they protect our body from many ailments by supplying various vitamins and minerals, which help us stay healthy.

For Ex:Citrus fruits like orange, lime, lemon contain vitamin c which builds up body resistance and helps fight infection.

Carrots contain Vitamin A necessary for keeping healthy eyesight.

Iron is a mineral which is necessary for making blood in the body.

Milk contains a lot of calcium mineral which is necessary for making healthy bones of the growing adolescents.

For infant’s mother’s milk provide all the necessary nourishment which they need.

Personal Hygiene of adolescents

The maintenance of personal hygiene is necessary for adolescents for preventing diseases and keeping good health.

1)Adolescent boys and girls should take bath regularly: It is more necessary for adolescent because the increased activity of sweat gland and oil glands sometimes makes the body smelly.Bathing remove the Sweat ,oil and dirt and cleans the body.During bathing all parts of the body should be washed and cleaned everyday.

Adolescent girls should take care of  cleanliness of the body during the time of periods: If the personal hygiene is not maintained by adolescent boys and girls there are chances of catching bacterial infection.

3)Physical exercise for adolescence

All the adolescent boys and girls should do physical exercise such as walking, jogging ,swimming ,dancing ,playing outdoor games or other type of exercise regularly.

1)Regular physical exercise in fresh air keeps the body fit .

2)Regular physical exercise also improve the mental health.

3)Physical exercise protects person from heart diseases , high blood pressure,  diabetes and obesity.

4)Physical exercise  builds and maintain healthy muscles bones and joints.

5)Physical exercise increases our efficiency in studies, work and sports.

6Physical exercise improves the general sense of well being and makes a person feel happier

4)No drugs for adolescence

Drugs are chemical substances which when take into the body change the function of the body influence the mind and sometimes even change the behaviour after person.

For example : heroine ,cocaine , alcohol ,Paracetamol ,penicillin

Drugs can be swallowed, inhaled , injected into the body

Adolescence is a period of much activity in the body and mind of young boys and girls.

Adolescent boy or girl undergoes emotional swings such as feeling confused, insecure ,worried, stressed out tense or angry

These emotional swings are normal parts of growing  up process and disappear automatically with time.

If somebody suggest that you will get relief from confusion, tension ,worries and feel better by taking some drugs, just say No.

Adolescent boys and girls should avoid drugs to maintain physical ,mental and social well being which are necessary to live purposeful ,fruitful and satisfying life in this world.

Harmful effects of taking drugs are as follow:

1)Drugs are addictive, if you take drugs once you feel like taking them again and again.

2)Drug addicts become irritable and lose interest in their studies and jobs.

3)Drugs do physical harm to the body ,they can damage brain,  liver ,lungs and kidney.

4)People taking drugs run the risk of accidents because they get confused

5)The sharing of syringes for injecting drugs spread AIDS disease among the drug addicts.

AIDS stands for acquired immune Deficiency syndrome.It is caused by a virus HIV (Human Immunodeficiency virus).

The AIDS disease causing virus can be easily passed on from an infected person to healthy person through number of ways such as :

1)By the sharing of syringes used for injecting drugs .

2)It can be transmitted through sexual contact with a person infected with HIV .

3)It can be transmitted to an infant from the infected mother milk.

There is no cure for AIDS disease. AIDS patient die easily from simple disease because AIDS virus weakens the immunity of their body due to which their body cannot fight disease causing germs.

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