Reaction of metals and non-metals with a base

Question 1 What happen when metals react with a base?

Question 2 Name the gas evolved when metals react with a base?

Question 3 Define the term reactivity series of metals?

Question 4 Name the most reactive metal?

Question 5 Name the least reactive metal?

Question 6 What happen when aluminium react with a base?

Reaction of metals and with a base

Some metals react with a base to form salts and hydrogen gas.

When aluminium metal is heated with sodium hydroxide solution,the sodium aluminate and hydrogen gas is formed.

NaOH + Al ——->  NaAlO2  +  H2

Zinc metal also react with sodium hydroxide solution to form hydrogen gas.

All the metals do not react with bases to form salt and hydrogen.

Reaction of non-metal with a base

Some non-metals react with bases but no hydrogen gas is produced.

Reactivity Series

Some metals are chemically very reactive whereas other metals are less reactive or un reactive.

The arrangement of metals in a vertical column in the order of decreasing reactivities is called reactivity series of metals.

In the reactivity series,the most reactive metal is placed at the top whereas the least reactive metal is placed at the bottom.













Potassium is the most reactive metal,so it has been placed at the top of the reactivity series.

As we come down the reactivity series,the chemical reactivity of metals decreases gradually.

Gold being the least reactive metal,is placed at the bottom of series.

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