Wildlife Sanctuary

Question 1 What is a wildlife sanctuary?

Question 2 Name few wildlife sanctuaries in India?

Question 3 What is a zoo?

Question 4 What are the main function of wildlife sanctuaries?

Wildlife Sanctuary

Sanctuary means a place of safety.

Wildlife Sanctuary means the place where wild animals remain safe.

A wildlife sanctuary is a protected area of land which is created for the protection of wild animals in their natural environment like forest.

1)A wildlife sanctuary Provides protection and suitable living conditions to the wild animals in their natural habitat.

2)In  a wildlife sanctuary killing and capturing of wild animals is strictly prohibited.

3)It does not allow any human activity which disturbs the wild animals or their habitat.Animals live in natural environment,protected from people.

Some of threatened wild animals are protected and preserved in our wildlife sanctuaries are Black buck,white-eyed buck,elephant,pink-headed duck,gharial,marsh crocodile,python etc.

4)The wildlife sanctuaries are spread across our country and provide a fascinating diversity of terrain,flora and fauna.They have unique landscape-broad level forests,mountain forests,bush lands in deltas of big rivers.

5)India has more than 500 wildlife sanctuaries.

The names of some wildlife sanctuaries of India are:

1)Sanjay Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary(Maharashtra)

2)Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary(Tamil andu)

3)Nagarjunsagar Wildlife Sanctuary(Andhra Pradesh)

4)Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary(Rajasthan)

5)Sultanpur Lake Bird  Sanctuary(Haryana)

6)Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary(Karnataka)

7)Thattekad Bird Sanctuary(Kerala)

The term zoo is the short form zoological garden or zoological park.

A large garden or park where many types of wild animals and birds are brought from different parts of the country and the world are kept in cages or enclosure,so that people can see them,is called a zoo.

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