National park

Question 1 For what purpose are National parks in our country established?

Question 2 Name the first Reserve Forest of India?

Question 3 Name the objects of historical significance found in Satpura National Park?

Question 4 Name animals which have vanished from Satpura National Park?

Question 5 What is a National park?

Question 6 Name few National Park of India?

Question 7 What do the rock painting found in rock shelters of Satpura National park depict?

Question 8 What is project tiger?

National Park

A national park is a relatively large area of scenic beauty protected and maintained by the Government to preserve flora and fauna, landscape, historic objects of the area and places of scientific interest.

National park provide human recreation and enjoyment.People are allowed to enter National park to see wild animals roaming about in their natural environment, and historic objects of the area reserved for the recreational, enjoyment, inspirational and educative purposes.

A national park is an area reserved for the conservation of wildlife within which such public recreational activity is permitted which is compatible with the primary objective of conservation.

National park are protected from most of the developmental schemes so that their natural attractions are preserved.

The human activities such as mining, hunting, fishing are not allowed inside a National park.

Some of the National parks of India are:

1)Corbett National park(Uttarakhand)

2)Kanha National park(Madhya Pradesh)

3)Ranthambore National park(Rajasthan)

4)Gir National park(Gujarat)

5)Kaziranga National park(Assam)

6)Sunderbans National park(West bengal)

7)Bandipur National park(Karnataka)

8)Dachigam National park(Jammu and kashmir)

9)Sariska National park(Rajasthan)

10)Satpura National park(Madhya Pradesh)

Satpura National Park

It is the first forest reserve of India.

1)The finest teak is found in this forest.

2)The objects of historical importance called rock shelters are found inside this park.These rock shelters are the evidence of pre-historic human life in these jungle.They give us an idea of the life of the primitive people who lived in this area long ago.A total of 55 rock shelters have been identified in this area.

3)Rock paintings are found in these rock shelters.These rock painting depict the figures of man fighting, hunting , dancing and playing musical instrument.

4)It has large species of wild animals in it.Some of the wild animals found in satpura National park are Tiger, Gaur, Leopard, Indian giant squirrel, sambar, wild boar, Hyena, wild dog, marsh crocodile etc.

5)There is Satpura Tiger reserve in the Satpura National park which is part of Project Tiger.

Project tiger is a wildlife conservation project which was launched by the Government of India in 1972 tp protect the tigers in the country.The objective of the project was to ensure the survival and maintenance of the tiger population in specially constituted Tiger reserves throughout India.

There are 28 Tiger reserves in India at present which are governed by Project Tiger.

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