Question 1 What are petrochemicals?Give example?

Question 2 Why petrochemicals are important?

Question 3 What is black gold?

Question 4 What is a major cause of air pollution?

Question 5 Write the various steps for minimising the wastage of petrol or diesel while driving?

Question 6 Why should we use fossil fuels only when absolutely necessary?


Those chemicals which are obtained from petroleum and natural gas are called petrochemicals.

For Ex:Methyl alcohol,ethyl alcohol,formaldehyde,acetone,acetic acid,ethylene,benzene,toluene,vinyl chloride etc.

They are important because they are used to manufacture large number of useful material such as detergents, synthetic fibres, plastics, synthetic rubber, drugs, dyes, perfumes, fertilisers, insecticides etc.

Hydrogen gas is obtained as a petrochemical from natural gas.It is used in the manufacture of fertilisers.

Petroleum is not only a source of fuels but also provides raw material for manufacture of large number of useful substances.Due to its great importance ,it is called black gold.

Energy resource of earth are limited

The amount of coal,petroleum and natural gas present in the earth is limited.The known resources will last only for about 100 years.Once the present stock of coal,petroleum and natural gas present in the earth gets exhausted,no new supplies of these fossil fuels will be available to us in the near future.So,fossil fuels should be used with care and not wasted at all so that existing reserves of fossil fuels can be used over as long period as possible.

The burning of fossil fuel is a major source of air pollution.The use of fossil fuels is also linked to global warming.

We should use fossil fuels only when necessary because:

1)It will ensure the availability of fossil fuels for a longer period of time.

2)It will reduce air pollution

3)It will reduce the risk of global warming.

How to save petrol and diesel

Petroleum Conservation Research Association(PCRA) advises people on how to save petrol or diesel while driving vehicles.The various tips of minimising the wastage of petrol and diesel while driving vehicles are:

1)Drive the vehicle at a constant and moderate speed as far as possible.

2)Switch off the vehicle engine at traffic lights or at a place where a person has to wait.

3)Ensure correct air pressure in the tyres of the vehicles.

4)Ensure regular maintenance of the vehicle.

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