Natural gas

Question 1 What is the composition of natural gas?

Question 2 Name the places in India where natural gas is found?

Question 3 Describe how natural gas is formed?

Question 4 What are the advantages of natural gas as a fuel?

Question 5 State the various uses of natural gas?

Question 6 What is CNG?

Natural Gas

It consist mainly of methane with small quantities of ethane and propane.

It occurs deep under the crust of earth either alone or along with oil above the petroleum deposit.Some wells dug into the earth produce only natural gas whereas other produce natural gas as well as petroleum oil.It is formed under the earth by the decomposition of vegetables matter lying under water.This decomposition is carried out by anaerobic bacteria in the absence of air.Natural gas is a fossil fuel.

In india,natural gas has been found in Tripura,Rajasthan, Maharashtra,krishna-godavari delta.

When natural gas is compressed by applying pressure,it is called compressed natural gas(CNG).

Advantages of using Natural gas(CNG)

1)It is a god fuel because it burns easily and produces a lot of heat.

2)It burns with a smokeless flame and cause no air pollution.

3)It does not produce any poisonous gases on burning.

4)It does not leave any residue on burning.

5)It can be used directly for heating purposes in homes and industry.

6)It can be supplied to homes and factories through a network of underground pipes and this eliminates the need for additional storage and transport.

Uses of Natural gas(CNG)

1)It is used as domestic fuel and industrial fuel.

2)It is used as a fuel in thermal power stations.

3)It is used as a fuel in transport vehicles.It is a good alternative to petrol an diesel in vehicles because it is a cleaner fuel and does not cause much air pollution.

4)It is source of hydrogen gas needed to manufacture fertilisers.When natural gas is heated strongly,the methane present in it decomposes to form carbon and hydrogen.This hydrogen is then used to manufacture fertilisers.

5)It is used as a starting material for the manufacture of number of chemicals.

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