Decomposition reaction

Question 1 What are decomposition reactions?

Question 2 What happens when ferrous sulphate crystals are decomposed?

Question 3 What is electrolysis?

Question 4 What is photochemical decomposition.Give example?

Decomposition Reaction
Those reactions in which a compound split up into two or more simpler substances are called as decomposition reaction.

They are carried out by applying heat,light,electricity.

For Ex:

When decomposition reaction is carried out by heating it is called thermal decomposition.

A smell of burning sulphur is obtained due to the formation of sulphur dioxide gas.

When the decomposition is carried out by electricity,it is called electrolysis.

When decomposition reaction is carried out by light it is called Photochemical decomposition.

The digestion of food in our body is an example of decomposition reaction.

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