Bleaching powder

Question 1 A white powdery substance having strong smell of chlorine is used for disinfecting drinking water supply at water works.Identify the substance?
Question 2 Write the chemical name and formula of bleaching powder?
Question 3 How is bleaching powder prepared.Give the chemical equation?
Question 4 State uses of bleaching powder?
Question 5 List few properties of bleaching powder?
Bleaching Powder
It is calcium oxy chloride.
The chemical formula of bleaching powder is CaOCl2
It is prepared by passing chlorine gas over dry slaked lime.
1)It is a white powder which gives strong smell of chlorine.
2)It is soluble in cold water.
3)It reacts with dilute acids to produce chlorine.
1)It is used for bleaching cotton and linen in textile industry.
2) It is used for bleaching wood pulp in paper industry.
3)It is used for disinfecting drinking water supply.
4)It is used in the manufacture of chloroform.
5)It is used to make wool unshrinkable.
6)It is used as an oxidising agent in many chemical industries.

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