Question 1 Name one non-metal which conduct electricity?

Question 2 Name one non-metal which have shiny surface?

Question 3 Name one non-metal which is hard?

Question 4 Name one non-metal having high melting point?

Question 5 Why graphite is used in making electrodes?

Question 6 Name one non-metal which is brittle?

Question 7 Name one non-metal which has low melting point?

For Ex:Carbon,sulphur,Phosphorus,Silicon,hydrogen,Oxygen,Chlorine,Bromine, Iodine,Helium Etc.

Non-Metals are elements which form negative ions by gaining electrons.They are known as electronegative elements because they can form negative ions by gaining electrons.
There are 22 non-metals.
1)10 solids
2)1 liquid(bromine)
3)11 gases

Physical Properties
1)Non-metals are not malleable and non-ductile.
They can neither be hammered into thin sheets nor drawn into thin wire.
They are brittle means break into pieces when hammered or stretched.
For Ex:Sulphur,phosphorus.

2)They do not conduct heat and electricity
This is because they have no free electrons.
C(in the form of graphite)is the only non-metal which is a good conductor of heat and electricity and therefore it is used in making electrodes.

3)They are not lustrous:They are dull.
Iodine is the only non-metal which is lustrous.

4)They are generally soft except diamond(hard)

5)They are not strong:They can be easily broken.

6)Non-metals are solid,liquid or gases at the room temperature.
Carbon,Sulphur,Phosphorus are solid.
Bromine is a liquid.
Hydrogen,oxygen,nitrogen and chlorine are liquid.

7)They have low melting and boiling point except diamond.

8)They are non-sonorous.

9)They have low densities.

10)They have different colours.

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