Refraction of light

Question 1 Define the term refraction of light?

Question 2 Draw a diagram showing the bending of a ray of light when it travels from a rare medium to a denser medium?

Question 3 State two laws of refraction?

Question 4 What is the cause of refraction of light?

Refraction of light

The phenomenon of bending of light when they pass from one medium to another medium is called refraction.

Air(rarer medium)

Glass(denser medium)

Refraction of light

Cause of refraction of light

Medium is a transparent material through which light is transmitted.

Optical density is inversely proportional to speed of light.

In rarer medium,optical density is low so speed of light is high.

In denser medium,optical density is high so speed of light is low.

Speed of light is highest in air(rarer medium)


laws of refraction

1)The ratio of angle of sin of i to the sin of r is constant for pair of 2 media.

 sin i

—— = constant 

 sin r

2)Incident ray,reflected ray and normal to the interface all lie in the same plane.

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