Effects of oxidation Reaction in Everyday Life

Question 1 Explain the term corrosion with an example?

Question 2 Explain the term rancidity?

Question 3 What are anti-oxidants.Give example?

Question 4 Why anti-oxidants are added to fat and oil containing foods?

Question 5 Why food containing oil and fat are packed in nitrogen?

Question 6 State methods to prevent the food from getting rancid?

Effects of oxidation Reaction in Everyday Life

1)Rancidity of food
:It is a slow oxidation of oils and fats present in food material resulting in some bad small and taste.

Rancidity Of food can be prevented by:
1)Adding Anit-Oxidants to food containing fats and oils.
(BHA-Butylated Hydroxy Anisole)

(BHT-Butylated Hydroxy Toulene)

2)By packing fat and oil containing food in nitrogen gas.
3)By keeping food in refrigerator.
4)By storing food in air tight containers.

5)By storing food away from light.

2)Corrosion of metal

The process in which metals are eaten up gradually by the action of air,moisture or chemicals on their surface.

For Ex:Rusting of iron

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