Sodium hydroxide

Question 1 Write the chemical name and formula of caustic soda?
Question 2 What happens when a concentrated solution of sodium hydroxide is electrolysed.Write the equation involved?
Question 3 Name the raw material used for the caustic soda?
Question 4 List the uses of caustic soda?
Question 5 What is a brine solution?
Sodium Hydroxide
It is commonly known as caustic soda.The formula of sodium hydroxide is NaOH.
It is produced by electrolysis of a concentrated aqueous solution of sodium chloride(which is called brine solution)
When electricity is passed through a concentrated solution of sodium chloride,it decomposes to form sodium hydroxide,chlorine and hydrogen.
1)It is used for making soaps and detergents.
2)It is used for making artifical textile fibres.
3)It is used in the manufacture of paper.
4)It is used in purifying bauxite ore.
5)It is used in oil refining and making of dyes and bleaches.
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