States of matter

Question 1 Name three states of matter?

Question 2 Differentiate between three states of matter ?

Question 3 Give full form of LPG and CNG ?

Question 4 Why do gases exert more pressure than liquids ?

Question 5 Why gases are highly compressible ?

Question 6 Why liquids do not have fixed shape but fixed volume ?

Question 7 Why water is a liquid and iron rod is a solid ?

States Of Matter

Matter can be classified into 3 states:

states of matter

                 Solid                    Liquid                        Gases
1)They have fixed shape and volume They do not have fixed shape but have fixed volume They do not have fixed shape and volume
2)They cannot be compressed They cannot be compressed They can be compressed easily
3)They have high density They have moderate density They have low density
4)They do not flow They flow easily They flow easily
5)They do not fill their container They do not fill their container They fill their container
6)The forces of attraction are strong The forces of attraction are less strong than solids The forces of attraction are weak.


7)Kinetic energy is least Kinetic energy is more than solids Kinetic energy is maximum.
8)Particles are closely packed Particles are not close as in solids Particles are much farther apart from one another.
9)ForEx: Chair,table,chalk,book For Ex:Water,petrol,cold drinks For Ex:Oxygen,nitrogen,helium

Aquatic animals can breathe under water due to the presence of dissolved oxygen in water.

LPG-Liquified Petroleum Gas
CNG-Compressed Natural Gas
Gases have high compressibility.They can be compressed into very small volumes by applying large pressure.Due to its high compressibility,fairly large mass of gas can be put in a small metal cylinder by compression.Such gas cylinders can be easily transported from one place to another.

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